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Bitfiring Crypto Casino Review

A very popular platform for crypto gambling. Bright site design, easy navigation. All games, bonuses, and information are available in a ...

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BetOnline Review

25+ years trusted experience in online sports betting and gambling industry since 1991.

Thousands of regular players who have been supporters of ...

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What is Bitcoin Gambling?

Gambling with crypto is becoming more and more beneficial in eyes of gamblers. So, most of the players started switching to bitcoin gambling USA instead of traditional gambling with dollars. Bitcoin gambling isn’t only beneficial, it is also very secure and reliable. Bitcoin gambling involves using Bitcoin cryptocurrency to bet on the betting site in reward for profit. The best bitcoin gambling site is the safe one, offers bonuses, has fair terms and conditions, and more. Are you looking for the best Bitcoin gambling sites that are secured, offer varieties of bonuses and promotions, and have a wide range of games? Searching for licensed crypto gambling sites that can process transactions faster and keep players’ information anonymous? This article is for you. Read on to learn how we’ve collected the best sites to gamble using Bitcoin. These sites are easy to use and you can immediately enjoy the game without wasting time or stressing yourself. Therefore, in this post, we prepared a list of the best bitcoin gambling online platforms. Don’t waste your time, just explore it and find suitable items!

4 Elements: How Do We Rate Bitcoin Gambling Sites?

In our list, we mentioned carefully reviewed bitcoin gambling platforms. We rate gambling sites by 4 main elements:
  1. Casino legality & reputation.
  2. The quality of support and other services.
  3. Availability of bonuses & promotional programs.
  4. The website design & its thoughtfulness.
Let’s uncover the significance of each criterion right down!

1. Casino Legality & Reputation

The first feature we considered while reviewing our Bitcoin gambling websites is the security and license. Of course, we know that bitcoin gaming websites are more secure than traditional casino gambling sites, however, that’s not always the case. Don’t know what a secured site looks like, right? A secured gambling website offers smooth transactions and other financial obligations. Your fund on such a website will be safe and you’ll also enjoy playing fair games. Talking of licensing, all the enlisted gambling sites in our article are licensed by the appropriate gaming authorities – Curacao, UKGC, MGA, and more. The combination of these features security and licensing are what we used to rate our websites. But we don’t stop there, we also consider additional security features including a secure payment system, SSL 128-bit encryption, two-step verification, and more during our reviewing process. We always pay attention to the reputation of the bitcoin gambling USA site. Commonly, online facilities with an excellent reputation can show off with certification, license, or any other document, which is proof of its legality. Legitimate casinos will never try to cheat on you and your bitcoins. What’s more, the quality of services at such facilities is also on at an altitude. Frequent updates, licensed games, useful site navigation, and outgoing and polite customer support are all about legal casinos on our list! Interestingly, such bitcoin gambling online platforms also support special programs for gamblers oftener!

2. The Quality Of Support And Other Services

The second element to bear in mind: is the quality of customer support and other services. If you have never had any nuances, especially technical, you may not regard customer support as something vital. However, it is an inseparable part of bitcoin gambling. There are a lot of examples of customer support: emergency line, chatbot, virtual chat, live assistant, and even standard FAQ section, where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. You may contact customer support anytime and the courteous specialist will be glad to help you! As the practice shows, if the quality of customer support is good, the quality of other services is corresponding as well. Despite being safe and fast in a transaction, gambling sites must have reliable customer support. We mean those that can answer players’ inquiries perfectly and swiftly. This is necessary because players while staking on bitcoin gambling sites may get stuck just like the traditional casino sites. With good customer support, players will have a nice experience using the site, increasing the site’s credibility and trustworthiness.

3. Availability Of Bonuses & Promotional Programs

Making our reviews and rating the casinos, we also think of the availability of the various bonuses. Bonuses, especially promotional programs, let players experience new products in the sector of bitcoin gambling USA and get opportunities on a regular basis. Bitcoin gambling is indeed gaining traction, nevertheless, most gambling sites never stopped offering bonuses and promotions. They’re using these offers to attract new users, as well as to keep loyal players. Loyal players are always rewarded with regular promotions to remain on the sites. Do you love gambling sites that offer bonuses and promotions? Consider checking the enlisted gambling sites in our article. The bonuses on these sites range from the welcome bonus to the no deposit bonus, free spins bonus, and the VIP program. There are 4 common types of bonuses in the bitcoin gambling online industry:
  1. Sign-up or welcome (is presented to the player in a second after registration).
  2. No deposit (this bonus allows you to join any table for free and get the winnings).
  3. Free spins (this offer is spread solely on slots and allows you to spin it a specified number of times).
  4. Bonus codes (this is a myriad of special signs, which you have to enter in a special gap. After putting it in, you will get something from the over-mentioned).
While we carefully selected our gambling site, our honest advice is to check the sites’ wagering requirements, bonuses validity period, as well as if there are any game restrictions on the bonuses before staking. Bonuses, especially promotional programs, let players experience new products in the sector of bitcoin gambling USA and get opportunities on the regular basis.

4. The Website Design & Its Thoughtfulness

The final, but not minor element is the design of the bitcoin gambling website. It should be sophisticated, simple, and catchy. However, the main point is its thoughtfulness. The useful casino navigation is the main requirement for its design. Recently, our team of gamblers narrated their ordeals while staking on some Bitcoin gambling sites. They discovered that while navigating through the sites, their sections were not properly curated, as well as their interface not user-friendly. We believe this might be among the reasons why most of them failed in their staking. This makes us understand the consequences of using gambling sites with poor web design. All the sites you’ll find in this article are perfectly designed and curated. You’ll find each section handy and interface-friendly. Yes, we don’t want you to fall victim and have a bad gambling experience like our gamblers did.

Step-By-Step Guidance: How To Deposit And Withdraw With Cryptocurrency

Some greenhorns in crypto and bitcoin gambling are getting confused when the deals at the online casinos come to transfers. Mistakenly, lots of gamblers, who only begin with bitcoin gambling are sure that such transfers are long-lasting and a hassle. However, we rush to tell you that it is a complete myth! Just meet the depositing and withdrawal guidances at bitcoin gambling USA casinos below! Using cryptocurrencies for transactions – deposit and withdraw on the bitcoin gambling site is easy. However, you must first have Bitcoins in your gambling account before you can proceed with making payment. Highlighted below are the steps you should follow to deposit with cryptocurrencies:

How To Make A Deposit — In 4 Steps

To join the session of your favorite casino game, you have to pay for it and make a deposit. To fund your bitcoin gambling account fast, we recommend completing these 5 steps:
  1. Open your casino account and go to the “cashier” section.
  2. Choose cryptocurrency (bitcoin) as a method for making a deposit. A few seconds later, you will see the address of the digital wallet on the screen.
  3. Open your crypto wallet and enter (or paste in) the generated casino address to make a transfer.
  4. Enter the required sum of bitcoin to make a deposit and confirm your transaction.
Wait for a few seconds and your casino account will be funded and ready to make a deposit.

How To Complete The Withdrawal Procedure — 5 Steps

The withdrawal procedure at bitcoin gambling USA casino meets the deposit in some aspects. So, follow these 5 steps to get winnings on your bitcoin wallet:
  1. Open “cashier” at your casino account.
  2. Select bitcoin cryptocurrency as a payment method.
  3. Go to your BTC wallet and generate the address for sending a deposit.
  4. Return to the casino page and click on the withdrawal button to pat in your address.
  5. Confirm your withdrawal.
In a few seconds, you will get your bitcoins in your digital wallet.

List: Pros And Cons Of Bitcoin Gambling

Using Bitcoin on online gaming sites has some pros and cons, read on to learn more. There are lots of positive reviews as well as arguments about crypto and bitcoin gambling. Surely, crypto and bitcoin gambling are salutary deals and have great pros:


  • Fast transaction: One of the reasons why players prefer the Bitcoin payment method to fiat currency is that it’s faster – you can complete your transaction within minutes. This is because Bitcoin payment requires no third party before you can make any transaction on it.
  • Anonymity: Truth, you don’t need to input your information before you can make a transaction or play games on bitcoin gambling online sites. All you need is your wallet account and the receiver’s wallet.
  • Mobile app compatibility of Bitcoin wallets: Bitcoin wallets are also compatible with the mobile app, making them flexible. Thus, their transactions are easier compared to using fiat currencies where you may need a third party’s help before you can make any transaction.
  • Secured: Bitcoin is secured because they are transparent – activities on them are recorded on the public ledger. This means that no single entity can edit or hack it.
  • No transaction fees: Since bitcoin gambling payment uses a decentralization policy, no third party like banks and other financial institutions are involved in running their transaction. Thus, they can help to save some fees.
Nonetheless, there are also some cons of bitcoin gambling:
  • Cons

    While using Bitcoin to gamble has many pros, so also do they have some cons. Discussed below are a few of the online bitcoin betting cons:
    • Bitcoin is relatively new and currency untested: Bitcoin although has gained traction recently, yet, hasn’t gained overall global acceptance.
    • How it works is not well-understood: Another limitation of bitcoin is that its usage may be perplexing to gamblers who have never used it before. People are more conversant with using traditional currency than Cryptos.
    • Volatility: The price and value of Bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, are not predictable. Its price always fluctuates and the determinant of this is not fully understood.
    • Irrecoverable: If participating systems got crashed, players may not be able to recover their Bitcoins.

About Other Gambling Cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, ETH

Bitcoin is the #1 crypto in the whole world, which was released in 2009. However, there is also a more affordable currency from the same provider called BCH or bitcoin cash. Both kinds are extremely popular in the bitcoin gambling niche and international digital market. However, in the aspect of decentralization and quality of other services ethereum is the leading one. Not just Bitcoin Gambling. In this section, we mention other popular cryptocurrencies that are acceptable for gambling.
  • Ethereum – This is another renowned cryptocurrency that’s widely used for online casino banking because it’s secured and has a convenient wallet.
  • BitcoinCash –This cryptocurrency is similar to Bitcoin, however, its value is lower than it. Thus, it’s ideal to make smaller transactions.
  • Litecoin –This coin was launched in 2011 but has gained massive support since then. Most betting sites now accept it for making transactions.
Other accepted gambling cryptocurrencies are Dogecoin, Peercoin, Monero, and more